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About Klimates

Klimates is a digital platform that enables tangible climate action that is simple and interactive. Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes, and even individuals to convert their intent into action and make climate action accessible for all.

No we are not, we are an impact first for-profit business that believes that the greatest impact can be made made by reaching the greatest scale. Reaching to as many people and businesses as possible in the shortest possible time needs many things - access to capital and access to top talent being the top two requirements. Being a for-profit helps us to scale fast and also helps us attract top minds to join our mission and to help us have the greatest positive impact.

Klimates Impact Credits or KLICs are units of positive impact to make your awesome climate actions tangible and trackable on our platform.

So what is a KLIC ?

A KLIC represents 1 Kg of CO2e avoided/reduced or removed from the atmosphere by verified projects. Every time you offset 1 KG of CO2e through a verified and certified project, you earn one KLIC. For every 1000 KLICs, you also fund future impact in form of 1 tree planted and 1 kg plastic recycled

So what are you waiting for ? A KLIC is all it takes to start making a difference.

There is so single silver bullet to solve the climate problem - it’s going to take innovation, commitment and action from all us. Carbon offsetting is an important tool in the fight against climate change and provide an impactful and easy way for individuals and businesses to become a part of the climate solution.

Even though offsetting alone is not enough to fight the crisis that we are all facing, it serves as an important first step and also important to address the issue of residual emissions. It's crucial that we work on every front, pushing for short-term and long-term solutions that make our societies climate and nature positive.

At Klimates, we encourage the Klimates community to adopt climate-positive and nature positive lifestyles. We believe that when climate action will be simple for everyone we will start to move the needle towards a positive, sustainable and equitable world for all.

Yes, totally ! All our solutions are suitable for and available for all companies of all shapes and sizes . We have built our platform with the mission to close the gap between climate intent and action, and want to empower businesses and brands of all sizes to take climate action. We believe business growth and planet growth can go hand-in hand and businesses should not have to choose between the two.

You can be at any stage of your climate action journey - starting out or already taking action, come join the Klimates movement and start making a difference today.

About Offsets

CO2e is Carbon Dioxide Equivalent and is the standard metric to measure polluting emissions that cause global warming or global boiling (as it’s now being called).

CO2e — or carbon dioxide equivalent — describes the global warming potential of all greenhouse gases. In simpler words, the impact of different greenhouse gases that cause warming is equated in terms of the amount of CO2 that would result in the same amount of warming. So, CO2e gathers all greenhouse gases into one place to keep it simple for calculations. As human activities don’t only generate carbon dioxide, CO2e is a more accurate way to measure our emissions and also offset them.

Each KLIC you purchase represents 1 Kg of CO2e avoided or removed.

Carbon offset is a tool through which anyone can take climate action. It is an investment into a climate solution that either prevents, reduces or removes greenhouse emissions from the atmosphere.

Offsetting means neutralizing your unavoidable emissions by funding a project that reduces, avoids or removes the same amount of CO2e from the atmosphere.

Klimates provides you an easy way to directly fund high impact solutions through purchase of KLICs - without having to try to find these projects yourself. This is important because voluntary carbon markets and climate solutions are out of reach for most businesses and individuals.

At Klimates we love nature based solutions and love planting trees. As part of our climate action portfolio our community funds fantastic restoration projects within India, and the trees planted will draw down carbon from the atmosphere over the course of their lifetime. But we do not use these trees for offsetting. A tree planted today can take 5-10 years to start absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, and they do not absorb carbon at a linear rate throughout their lifetime.

Emitting carbon today and claiming carbon offsetting or carbon balancing by planting trees that will absorb carbon in the future is not offsetting and can be rightly called Greenwashing. Without certification from a recognized global carbon standard, tree plantation should not be used to claim offsets. However, trees have amazing benefits beyond their ability to sequester carbon and play a big role in our fight against climate change and that’s why we have included them in our climate action portfolio.

Only purchasing carbon offsets which meet rigorous standards is crucial to our aim of funding the most effective climate solutions. They provide security that the projects we fund are of the highest quality. This is very important as the voluntary carbon market is not regulated and all kinds of projects claim to be issuing offset credits. But not all projects are created equally. A verified offset comes with the following criteria :

  • Audited : The project is audited by a reputed third party to validate that its impact claims are real.

  • Permanent : The project has long term impacts that cannot be easily reversed.

  • Additional : The project would not exist in a ‘business as usual’ scenario and requires the offset funding for its existence.

  • Unique Ownership : The offsets are retired on authentic public registries and one offset cannot be doubly counted or sold.

The two standards that we use most often are the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard.

About Klimates Portfolio

We only choose projects from impactful climate solutions aligned with world renowned scientific resources like Project Drawdown, IPCC, Oxford Principles of Offsetting. Our carbon offsetting projects meet the international quality standards for certified carbon offsetting and are verified by world’s leading carbon standards like Gold Standard or Verra. We do not use our restoration projects like tree planting or ocean bound plastic recycling for carbon offsetting.

All our projects are based out of India and meet at least three sustainable development goals set out by UN. While removing and reducing CO2 emissions remain #1 priority, our portfolio of high quality projects goes beyond carbon to support important co-benefits to nature and communities, such as improved biodiversity on land and in oceans, combating poverty, providing access to clean energy etc.

The science is clear, we need to reduce our emissions and we need to protect nature. We have structured our portfolio around three vital strategies -

  • Carbon offsetting for immediate impact.

  • Investing in projects that have a direct impact on creation or protection of natural sinks of our planet (namely land and ocean) which have the ability to absorb approx half of the CO2 emitted by humans.

  • Ensuring that the projects have additional benefits on nature and communities and go beyond carbon.

Climate change is complex and that means that no one solution can fight climate change alone. There is no silver bullet and we balance our portfolio across solutions needed for today and impact for tomorrow. Having a portfolio is a powerful tool to de-risk our climate action and also balance the inevitable tradeoffs.

For carbon offsets we publish retirement certificates (which are also publicly available in the respective registries) which provide evidence for the amount of carbon that has been prevented from going into the atmosphere through our community’s collective action.

For our tree planting and plastic recycling activities, we provide the tree planting and plastic collection certificates from our impact partners.

Our impact partners are regularly audited and monitored by third parties to ensure that their impact activities are being carried out properly.

World Bank has estimated an annual finance gap of ₹54 trillion in India. We believe that together we are stronger than ever, and can become ‘atmanirbhar’ in our fight against climate change. At Klimates we want to unleash the unstoppable power of collective action and turn climate action into a mass movement.

Moreover, our country is ranked as 5th most vulnerable country to climate change. The solutions to mitigate emissions and to build resilience for communities most vulnerable to climate risks are all there - we just need to empower them. At Klimates, we are doing just that.

Come join the movement !

About Climate Action

Climate Change is the biggest crisis that our world is facing, and it is not a future problem. Climate change is happening all around us and it is happening now. Caring about the climate is not only about saving polar bears or tropical forests (even though they are super awesome and we need to think about them), it is about our own future on Planet Earth. Climate Change is not an abstract concept, it impacts our daily lives. From availability of clean water, to food security, to spread of diseases, the changing climate has an effect on everything we need to survive and thrive.

If we don’t start taking action now, we (and our future generations) will be stuck with major messed up consequences - like extreme heatwaves ( 2023 was the hottest year on record since 1880 ), unexpected and heavy rains ( more than 10 countries saw extreme flooding in just a span of 12 days in Sept 2023), rising sea levels ( that could mean coastal cities can go partially or completely underwater).

After all it’s our planet, and we all share it with not just each other but with our future generations as well. It is our collective problem, and collectively we can make a difference.

Step 1 : Join Klimates to get access to high quality verified climate projects and unique climate action tools (Read about Klimate Move Strategy to know more)

Step 2: Choose your type, amount and frequency of impact. Track impact on your personalized dashboard

Step 3: Identify your target audience and engagement opportunities across various stakeholders

Step 4: Engage and reward your stakeholders from customers to employees to potential clients and more using our various tools and communicate your impact data with confidence through various channels (both online and offline)

Step 5: Make your climate action ROI positive - drive sales, boost customer loyalty, build brand image, engage employees and much more

Step 1 : Individuals can turn their intent into simple and fun climate action by joining Klimates

Step 2: Redeem impact rewarded or gifted to you, or choose your own amount and frequency of impact.

Step 3: Track impact on your personalized dashboard. Unlock collectibles, and share your climate credentials with the world

Step 4: Live a carbon neutral life and join the fight against climate change with the click of a button.

In the ideal world, every individual or business or government will consider the cost of inaction while making decisions that affect our climate and environment. Over the last 200 years, our civilization has not accounted for the cost of emissions and natural destruction that we’ve caused, and that’s the primary reason for the climate crisis that we are all witnessing today. Sooner or later, we all have to bear the cost of inaction in form of loss due to natural calamities, rising food prices etc.

If your company has net zero goals or dedicated climate budgets then that’s awesome. But even if you are just starting out on your Climate Action journey, we have got your back. We have built Klimates so that climate action starts making business sense, so even if you do not have a dedicated climate budget, our digital tools help you use existing budgets to not just make a difference to the planet but to your own business growth as well.

Are you ready to make a difference ? Join the Klimates movement. Let’s Connect

Carbon neutrality is the first immediate action towards tangible climate impact. There are three steps to becoming Carbon Neutral-

  • Measure : You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and managing carbon emissions is no exception!

  • Create a reduction plan : Measuring your carbon footprint is incredibly powerful because it gives you insight into where your emissions are coming from and where your opportunities are to manage and reduce them.

  • Offset : The final step to make your business carbon neutral is to purchase carbon offsets for your carbon emissions. You can think about carbon neutrality like you’re using a set of balance scales. Imagine your unavoidable emissions (kgs/tonnes of carbon) on one side, which need to be 'balanced out' by carbon offsets on the other side.

Purchase of impact in form KLICs can be used to offset emissions of a particular product, activity, or even your entire business operation. All our carbon offsets are from projects verified by the highest global standards (Gold Standard/ Verra) and also contribute to SDGs. Companies can buy offsets as part of their climate impact strategy or Net Zero Strategy.

Best practice for measuring a carbon footprint is to use a methodology that is based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. The GHG Protocol defines where the boundaries should be drawn for a business, which activities should be included and over what time-frame. To calculate emissions of various activities we use credible and well established equations created by ICAO, UN, WRI, WWF, IPCC etc. When these calculators are not applicable for a certain activity, we use our own methodologies based on the GHG Protocol and various ISO standards. We use standard emission factors suitable in the Indian context.

We love your eagerness and would love to help you get started. If you are a brand or business and want to know more about our solutions, you can write to us at hello@klimates.earth with your query and we will get in touch. Alternatively, you can book a 30 minute intro call with us here

If you are an individual you can sign up and start making an impact or subscribe to climate action to automate impact. Head to our sign up page here

About our Business Solutions

Display your climate impact to your customers/clients and other stakeholders using the Klimate Action Label. Companies, organizations, events, products or services can use the label to show that they are taking responsibility and action for their climate impact and are financially supporting climate projects/solutions.

Via the tracking codes linked to the labels, it is possible to see at any time the impact created, reduction plans and projects supported. This provides maximum transparency in communication and boosts trust in the company’s commitment to climate action.

Give your customers another great reason to buy from you !

Klimate Action Widget empowers you to embed and display your commitment towards climate action at all your consumer touch points. Foster deep and meaningful bonds with your current and potential consumers to develop trust and multitudes of potential click conversions.

Our widget gives you a competitive advantage and an interactive way to communicate your values to your customers during their journey on your website/e-store. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and boost your sales all while building a lasting impact on the planet.

Become a force of positive climate impact and connect meaningfully with your stakeholders.

Set your impact budget and distribute impact as gifts or rewards to your stakeholders - be it customers, potential clients or employees. With Klimate Connect you can embed climate action into any KPI that you measure and bring your stakeholders on board your climate action journey.

Research shows that consumers want to be engaged by brands and businesses on climate action and Klimate Connect empowers you to do just that !

We know it’s hard to navigate through the world of climate action and often it becomes overwhelming. As a brand or business, you might find it difficult to decide your starting point. Don’t worry we have built Klimates to solve exactly that !

Our Klimate positive hub has preset offset bundles that you can choose from - be it a single event, to your entire fleet of vehicles or your workforce. If that still does not suit your needs, you can buy impact as per your own budget and climate goal through our Klimate Impact Shop. Our team is here to discuss your needs and help you choose the right climate solution for your business.

Share your commitment to the future of our planet with Klimate Gift Vouchers. Give climate action gifts that deliver positive environmental and social impact.

It is truly sustainable as it is sent digitally (it even includes offset of its digital footprint).

Klimates Gift Voucher not only creates true real world impact , but is also a tool to start meaningful conversations about the climate crisis and the ways we can fight climate change. Spark a movement with the gift of impact today !

Fund the very best climate solutions across India at the click of a button according to your own budget and convenience. The Klimate Impact Shop is ideal if you're just starting out on your climate journey, looking to fund specific climate solutions or creating planet positive impact beyond your footprint. Create your own pledges and fund climate action accordingly.

We are dedicated to simplifying climate action for you and your business. Our core belief is that the climate crisis can be averted with timely and effective climate action taken by businesses of all sizes and types. We have created a climate action framework called Klimate MoveTM that can be adopted by businesses and empowers them to accelerate their climate action journey, at whatever stage they are.

  • Measure : Klimate TraceTM our simple carbon foot-printing tool (currently available offline only) allows businesses to calculate their footprint and identify emission hot-spots. This is the starting point for effective reduction and action strategies.

  • Offset : Businesses can fund climate action as part of their carbon neutrality or Net Zero goals. Klimate Impact Shop allows businesses to set their own climate pledges and fund climate action according to their own goal or budget. Klimate positive hub empowers businesses to offset emissions associated with activities like event, workforce, fleet or deliveries.

  • Visualize : Klimate Impact Profile and our dashboards allow businesses to visualize their impact and progress transparently and at all times

  • Engage : Our unique engagement tools like Klimate Connect and Klimate Gift Vouchers allow businesses to engage their stakeholders (like employees, customers, investors etc).

Whether you are thinking about climate action, already making strategies or looking to accelerate your impact, our tools can help you and your business. And even if you do not have a dedicated budget or goal, connect with our team and we will show you how taking climate action is good for your business growth and how to get started. Book a 30 minute intro call with us here

About your Account

We are so excited to onboard you the exciting journey of climate action. You can create your free account and join Klimates here

Absolutely ! Our dashboards, collectibles and public pages are all designed to help you shout out about your positive impact confidently and in easy terms that everyone can understand. So go ahead and share your climate credentials with the world.

We believe that nobody can solve the climate crisis alone and when you share your impact on social media and/or other mediums, you can inspire others to also do their bit. Share and spark a movement of your own !

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